Originals MADE IN USA!

with 3M medical adhesive

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The Originals!

Crafted with an art pasties have never seen before, the Nip-Tees Originals are all USA produced! Our Originals are made with hand selected satin and velvet among other fabrics to make your experience one to crave. Using 3M medical adhesive, we ensure the most comfortable stick for your chosen pasties. 

When you order a Nip-Tees Original, they are made to the order just for you! Whether you want your pasties for coverage or fun, Nip-Tees is there to fill the need. 




Custom Pasties!

Custom pasties from Nip-Tees are hand-crafted with selected satin. With an easy process of submitting your chosen design, you can have pasties that really make heads turn! You now have a whole new world to explore! Your pasties can have your favorite phrase, inside joke, business logo, or boat name, along with countless other ideas! You wouldn't want to miss out.